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Ubumwe Art Shop

Ubumwe Art Shop

Where do we
get our
Since one of our fundamental
reasons for existence is to
spread hope to the hopeless,
Ubumwe art shop chose to
work with the less fortunate,
We are working with
cooperatives made up of
inmates, genocide survivors
and perpetrators and the
disabled. The goal is spread
the message of peace, hope
and unity and at the same
time empower these

Rabagirana TVET school

Rabagirana currently working with the community. through TVET, we are helping young men and women with knowledge to make their own living through tailoring. we have a number of them currently on session. we pray that God makes us a vessel to impact more in this community

For those who want to help:

• You can provide a financial contribution for this project as we buy more tailoring machines, other tailoring materials to be used by the class.

• You can pay for one or two students to be able to take this 6 months course. students contribute 20%  of the budget used to train them. 10USD per month is what we need for one participants for the period of one month.


Sponsor 1 peace practitioner to attend the International School of Reconciliation in February 2020.

Rwanda has a message for the other nations: forgiveness is possible! After being invited to train teams, speak in conferences or media and share the ‘Rwandan experience,’ Dr Rhiannon and Joseph have found themselves running all over the world and found it ineffective and unwise to continue. They came up with the idea of the International School of Reconciliation, a 3-Week Course that include the Healing the Wounds of Ethnic Conflict (now Healing Hearts Transforming Nations (HHTN)), the training that enables one to teach the material or use it in different formats, a practicum and outreach to the community. Participants are encouraged and coached to repackage the message according to their context.

So far, we have conducted 5 schools and participants have come up with reconciliation initiatives in more than 20 nations. In our attempts to keep the standard high, we have reduced the main ‘campuses’ to 3:

1. The 20 Day International School of Reconciliation (ISOR) happens once in 2 years in Kigali.

2. The 10 Day French School Ecole Internationale de Reconciliation an Afrique (EIRA) happens 1 in every year in Abidjan in partnership with AGIR.

3. 1/year Russian speaking School in Ukraine in partnership with Resonate International.

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