This program runs healing and reconciliation workshops in Rwanda and other countries that have experienced ethnic conflicts. The international school of reconciliation will be taking place one year in Rwanda and the after, in another country according to the requests from those who have been through the course before.

This program is also responsible for designing the Rabagirana reconciliation lighthouse, a gallery of pictures, artistic displays, short testimonies, symbols arranged in a sequence to minister healing and reconciliation to individuals or groups.

We believe that is through personal healing that more far-reaching community transformation is born, so all of our work is built on the foundation of healing and reconciliation workshops. The first of these, in the immediate aftermath of the genocide, brought together Christian leaders from all denominations, so that the church might become an agent of healing and reconciliation in Rwanda.

The material is arranged into a sequence of teachings, where each session builds on the last. Forgiveness and reconciliation develop out of a renewed understanding of God’s character, His heart for relationships, and the power of the cross.

The workshops usually combine interactive teaching, drama, group sessions and ministry times. People from different ethnic and denominational backgrounds are brought together, in a safe environment, and are encouraged to experience healing from pain, bitterness, and prejudice.

We now offer these workshops in a variety of contexts, both nationally and internationally, through the international school of reconciliation, and adapt the material as necessary. We then provide Training of facilitators, so that those who have experienced the power of healing and reconciliation can take these teachings back to their own communities and nations.

“I experienced how much God redeemed this horror…it is only at the cross that people of different ethnic groups can meet and become one. From that time, I committed myself to share that message of healing and reconciliation with others.

_ A workshop participant.

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