Healing, Reconciliation and Intercultural Studies

Our passion is to see Rwanda become a model of lasting peace, unity and light to the nations to the glory of God.

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Acts 2:8: The miracle of the ear;

A lot is preached about Pentecost depending on doctrinal inclination.  Most celebrate the inauguration of the church, others an experience far remote that had incredible implications, and others find an opportunity for renewal and a fresh experience. For our team, as reconciliation is our vision, the chapter 2 started with ‘together in one accord.’

Is this possible today with all the divisions around the world? People have found ways of not being in 1 room, now that most happen on zoom, Facebook or google meet. Thanks to Covid 19 for helping us avoid those we feel are not the same with us. Some had already solved the problem by being in mono ethnic or mono-racial denominations.

Without all the fanfare and the drama, somewhere in the deepest part of ourselves we long for God’s whatever you call it: encounter, fresh water, fire,…

But God hunger for a united community, probably from a diverse background as it was that day in Jerusalem. It is time we learn to pray and sing ‘we’ and leave the

‘I’ behind.

For that community to happen, it is time we stop talking and learn to listen. To hear the spoken and the unspoken heart and mind of those we normally consider strange. The miracle of the ear is the ability to understand with love and care the pain across, the cry of the oppressed, the silence of those on the other side of the fence.



Healing and Reconciliation

Powerful healing and reconciliation workshops, leading participants through carefully structured material, have helped many people to face and express their pain, and to move into a restore hope and reconciliation with their neighbour.

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Community Development

For Rabagirana Ministries, Community Development was the result of people getting healed, finding hope for a prosperous tomorrow and seeking to rebuild their lives together and thus being a witness of a new found unity in their community. In the 1999, after a difficult but very successful workshop between families of perpetrators and victims, we were shocked during a follow up meeting to find that they decided to ‘stick together’ to help each other.

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Leadership Development

Peace has a lot to do with leadership and governance. The genocide against the Tutsi in 1994 in Rwanda and civil unrest in many countries are the result of self and partisan political leadership. We are also aware that the church is called to show the way in the understanding and practice of leadership. RM has embarked on teaching Christian leaders to embrace servant leadership as Jesus exemplified and taught (Matthew 20:28).

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Ubumwe Art Shop

Ubumwe Art Shop Where do we get our products? Since one of our fundamental reasons for existence is to spread hope to the hopeless, Ubumwe art shop chose to work with the less fortunate, We are working with cooperatives made up of inmates, genocide survivors and perpetrators and the disabled. The goal is spread the…

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Healing and Reconciliation

The journey had been long, but the opportunity finally presented itself. Eliya, a genocide perpetrator, was finally being welcomed back to the community. Families and community members all gathered together to witness this rare occasion, 24years after the genocide. But where did it all start? Ten years ago, Eliya got an invitation to attend a Healing and Reconciliation workshop. It is here that he met Gaston, a man who had miraculously survived a gruesome beating (they used a club full of nails, and damped his body in a ditch) by a perpetrator, a man who had lost over 70members of his extended family to the genocide, and a man who recognized Eliya as the culprit who killed 9members of his wife’s family, in that same period. It was here that Eliya saw Gaston, and it broke his heart. All he could do was fall on his knees, and earnestly ask for forgiveness. Through the Lord’s conviction, Gaston embraced him and forgave him. Gaston later on played the significant role of mediating the reconciliation of Eliya, first with his wife, and later on with his wife’s sister, Denise. Prior to their reconciliation and forgiveness, the thought and sight of Eliya disgusted Denise. She hated him for what he had done to her family. The hate was so extreme to the extent that she didn’t want to fellowship with Eliya in the same church! However, all that is in the past now. Recently a ceremony was organized to welcome Eliya back to the community. A ‘cow of forgiveness’ was awarded to Denise’s mother, to mark a fresh start between the two families.

Community Development

Eugene Twagirimana I am a healing and community development facilitator since 2015. I grew up in village in a family of 9 children who lost their father 1994. since then, life has been very difficult . poverty, hunger, lack of school fees , lack of fatherhood affection is part of what he have lacked in my early child hood. Through well born child initiative of which I am a founder, we are assuring children and youths to have a better future through Education, development , child rights and advocacy programs in Mbabe and Rusheshe remote community. in partnership with local community members , 145 children have accessed good early childhood education in last 3 years , while 50 parents have benefited from parenting teachings ,10 children from single mothers and very poor families have got Goats to support in their future Education when they go to primary school After finishing in Wellborn child nursery school. I and my wife dedicated our weekly Saturday to the community children clubs at well born center , whereby children shall receive love , care, dignity and values that is scarce in their families.

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