Rabagirana leadership development.

We exist to train servant leaders for integral mission Through:

Creating a learning environment for academic excellence based on Biblical worldview.

Facilitating christian responses to community challenges.

Enable students to achieve holistic transformation through field practices.

Help a young church leader get formal training in theology on 3 years Degree level with 300$/year RBC, or 1 Year Certificate with 100$

RBC Academic Programs

RBC offers the following academic programs

A1 year certificate in christian ministry program

Three years Bachelor Degree Program

Applied Theology

Leadership and organization

Special thanks to:

We deeply honor Dr Rhiannon Lloyd who obeyed the calling from God to come to Rwanda very few weeks after the genocide without any pre-planned approach but to mourn and seek God with the Church of Rwanda for the way forward, for being an instrument of peace (Matthew 5:9) in God’s hand. Through this dear Sister, God brought healing to many.

Our gratitude goes to all the Rwandans who received the message of healing and reconciliation, and accepted the call from our Lord Jesus, the first Reconciler (Ephesians 2:14-18), to take the message to their families, churches and communities.

We cannot say thanks enough to Mercy Ministries International International for faithful support and continuous capacity building to our teams. Without you, this ministry would have not expanded this far.

We thank all the friends, partners, prayer supporters and groups involved in the work of healing and holistic transformation in Rwanda, the region and the nations.

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